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best obituary excerpt ever.

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Nov. 11th, 2007 | 11:47 am

oh, Norman Mailer.
At different points in his life Mailer was a prodigious drinker and drug taker, a womanizer, a devoted family man, a would-be politician who ran for mayor of New York, a hipster existentialist, an antiwar protester, an opponent of women's liberation and an all-purpose feuder and short-fused brawler, who with the slightest provocation would happily engage in head-butting, arm-wrestling and random punch-throwing. Boxing obsessed him and inspired some of his best writing. Any time he met a critic or a reviewer, even a friendly one, he would put up his fists and drop into a crouch.

I wish I could say I miss you, but I'm only left with a distinct feeling I should have known you better. 

rest well, old man.  it's been a long, rewarding life.

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