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first week back.

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Jan. 20th, 2007 | 3:47 pm

and I'm already exhausted and emotionally drained.

so, I have class six days a week, from Monday-Saturday.  (fucking poor planning.)  additionally, most all of my classes address trauma in one manner or another, some on a personal level [The Politics of Sexual Violence, Trauma and the Arts], some on a general level [Abnormal Psychology]. and some on a level vaguer still [Women in the Economy].

it's going to be a rough semester.

for those who care, Jodorowsky event at the Castro is currently underway.  the last night of El Topo is tonight; The Holy Mountain begins tomorrow, and continues through Monday.  wanted to go, but I'm so so very tirrrrred.  we'll see though.  also, there's the Emily Haines thing on Monday...



and now some stuff you might enjoy:

[note:  Nina sent these to me, through Randy.  I love Nina.]

somewhere, someone at a sex-worker media watch group is cringing.  I know folks at TES must be.

...then there was the whole Giselle thing.


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