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Valentine's Day two-fer.

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Feb. 14th, 2007 | 6:21 pm

for some reason, on a day when most well-adjusted people enjoy reveling in gushing displays of love as if it were some busted fire hydrant uncontrollably spraying a city street on a scorcher of a day, I couldn't help but think of the bitter social satire of Sarah Silverman, who's become an inspiration to me as of late.  I guess that makes me maladjusted.  or would maladjusted be if, in my head, the metaphorical fire hydrant was showering the streets with blood, and puppies and kids were playing in it anyway?  (hey, it is Valentine's Day.  got to keep in the holiday spirit somehow.)


"The Porn Song" could very well be the story of my 'romantic' life.  or at least, the "pro" phase.  thank god that's over.

the lyrics cut painfully close, and had I heard this two years ago, I probably would have broken into tears.  but, uh, I'm just surprised at how incredibly perceptive the song is.

of the more pointed selections:

"your vagina has so many penises in it that you might as well talk about the times there are none in it. 'cause those are the times that are more unique."

"do you ever take drugs so that can have sex without crying?...yeah yeah"

"there's a dream in your head that will never come true, there's a stickiness all over and it didn't come from you.  you wish your dad had been there but more oftentimes he was not, you can't put your arms around a dirty gang-bang cum shot, but that's all you get.  that's all you get."

and, of course, the closer, which is still terribly relevant:

"there's a hole in your heart where the sorrow pours out.  there's a hole in your heart where ambivalence sets in....all the penises in the country, all the penises in the world, all the penises in the galaxy, won't fill your heart hole...."

to end this on a happier note, though, here's "I Love You More":

which I'll dedicate to my Jewy partner.  ...um, I love you more than I love pussy?

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