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if you live, shoot

cheap softcore and moral obligations.

trashy mctrashtrash
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so. here it is. my blog. most entries are vapid and juvenile and deal with really pedestrian non-problems. it's all quite unabashedly unguarded and immature. and while I do so hate being immature, I've gotta let it all out somewhere.

if you're scratching your head wondering where the contents of the journal actually are ['cause, gosh, it must look mighty sparse], most entries also happen to be marked "Friends Only" and so are blocked from public view.

sorry, folks. nothing to see here.

the other, more public blog can be viewed here. it's kinda the b-side to this journal, and has things like photographs, film/art critiques/reviews and covers a wider variety of topics.

I never really ever say anything of consequence, though. so you're not missing much.
5 minutes to live, adult fairy tales, andy milligan, antifolk, apples to apples, araki, banned film, base behavior, bass guitar, bass lines, bbc comedy, big cities, black-and-white photobooths, blue underground, breasts, burlesque, cannibals, captured! by robots, clara bow, classic porn, coffee, crepevine, crowbars, dark alleys, drag queens, elvira, espresso, eurosleaze, exploitation, flashlight tag, freakshows, girls with guns, godard, grindhouse, hapa culture, irving street, john amero, k records, karaoke, kim's video, la bonbonnierre, late nights, laughing sal, le video, lem amero, lesbian vampires, louise brooks, maila nurmi, make zine, manhattan special coffee soda, matador records, michael findlay, midnight movies, mondo macabro, movieoke, muni, musee mechanique, new york, nick zedd, nuns, nuns with guns, of montreal, paperhouse, peaches christ, people watching, pitchfork media, return to oz, richard kern, road trips, roadside oddities, roberta findlay, rough trade, rough trade indiepops, roughies, san francisco, scrabble, screenprinting, senses of cinema, sex work, sexploitation, something weird video, steve coogan, the candy snatchers, the company of wolves, the den of cin, the duplass brothers, the forbidden zone, the lusty lady, the pioneer theater, the prisoner, the puffy chair, the subway, the umbrellas of cherbourg, the young ones, thriller: a cruel picture, tight knots, tla, trash, tura satana, two boots, vapors, vivre sa vie, warholia, withnail & i, women in prison, young marble giants